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    issues with porting c code from solaris to linux

    I have to compile a C code in both solaris and linux.But i think there are some issues related to porting from solaris to linux that is creating some problem.Are there any specific c code through which i can find which processor i am working or. ........are there some tools which can help me identify the functions that i have to change while porting

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    Probably there are many differences between Linux and Solaris...

    For some code running on both architectures you can see XFree86 (or if you prefer), or MPlayer. MPlayer sources are available in GPL, and you can check the file cpudetect.c (or something like that) for run-time processor detection. It detects the processor type, cache informations, features like TSC istruction, SIMD instrctions... Using preprocessor macros the file is compiled for different systems (also solaris), so you can study that piece of code...

    IMHO The MPlayer source code is a little confused, but it's great!

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