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    fopen errno message

    I find everytime, one of my program call fopen, it can not open the existing file, but another program can.
    The errno of fopen is 2, but I don't know what '2' means for fopen, please give me some advice.

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    What language are you using? there's a few i can think of that have the fopen function
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    If you C use strerror(int errno) declared in string.h

    #include ....
    if &#40;fopen&#40;"foo", "w+"&#41; < 0&#41;
         fprintf&#40;stderr, "Error&#58; %s.\n", strerror&#40;errno&#41;&#41;;
    It will be printed a human readable description of the error. See also perror...
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    errno 2 is ENOENT, No such file or directory. I suspect the path you're specifying in your code is wrong. If you post the relevant snippet we can advise further.

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