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    anyway to style g++ output?

    Hi i'm new to C++ programming and am still getting used to linux cmd prompt. I don't mind using the prompt, but i was thinking it would be nice if i could customize the colors for different output of gcc, g++ etc. That way i could have line #'s in one color, or filename of error in another color, and look things up quicker.

    Anyone know if this is possible, or how it may be done?

    If i could just create a custom stylesheet like for a web browser that would be sweet, but any way i could modify the output style would be helpful.

    Thanks lots,

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    g++ o/p

    I use kate for most of the C== I do. It makes all the colors in the program. As far as compiling and having a color output I am unsure.
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    Do you mean color-coded output or syntax hilighting?

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    I think he means color-coded output. Like instead of "14:foo", it would be:


    As for how to do it, the only thing I could think of would be a C++ program that captures the output and reprints it out with certain colors.

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    ya, for programming i use mostly kdevelop which works great and has syntax coloring. I was thinking in terms of output; warning & errors messages during compilation.

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