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    in multithread program,How to make one of the threads sleeping while the others run normally?

    the program have 3 threads , now I want the first thread sleeping ,but the other two should run normally , if I call the sleep() function ,the process sleep ,so all the threads get sleeping , Can anyone tell me how to resolve it ?

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    from pthread man pages:
      pthread_suspend()        This function is used to temporarily stop the
                                   execution of a thread.
               These functions cause a previously suspended thread to continue

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    thanks for your help ,
    but I cannot find the declaration of the pthread_suspend() function on my system which runs redhat linux 9.0 , is it necessary to update the pthread library to the latest version ?

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    In java Thread.sleep() makes only the thread callig that function sleep
    Also i think the suspend and resume functions in java are depricated because of resuming problems

    Dont know about C 's suspend and resume
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