I have compiled a program that uses Qt 4.0.0 on Knoppix 3.3 The problem is when I try to run it, it says "Couldn't find the program 'Accordian' " (Accordian being the name of the program). When I go into the Edit file type dialog it says the file an empty document of type application/x-zerosize, but the size of the file isn't zero. It's 156 KB, about what I would expect since it was linked with shared libraries (although the Windows version came out at 278 KB, so maybe it's a bit on the light side). I hexdump'd it and compared it to a hexdump of moc and the beginnings of the files seemed similar (secondary problem - I don't know how to redirect the output of hexdump to a file, making it hard to compare more than what fits on one console screen). Does anybody know why the program won't execute and/or why it is called an application/x-zerosize rather than application/x-executable?

Some background on how I got it compiled:
Qt 4.0.0 doesn't come on the Knoppix 3.3 LiveCD so I installed it in /ramdisk/home/knoppix/tmp/Qt4.0.0 I couldn't get all of its libraries built because I kept getting weird assembler errors that changed every time I ran make, but I did get libQtCore.so.4.0.0 and libQtGui.so.4.0.0, which was apparently all I needed to compile the program. Also, I couldn't figure out how to change the directory that 'make install' would install Qt into (although I think I have an idea now), and the default directory to install to was on the CD. Therefore, I couldn't run 'make install' like I was supposed to, and consequently qmake from Qt4.0.0 wouldn't work. Instead I used the qmake from qt3, but all qmake does is generate the .pro file and makefile, so it was easy enough to make the necessary changes to those files inorder to use the moc from Qt4.0.0

Despite inserting -I/ramdisk/home/knoppix/tmp/Qt4.0.0/include into the INCPATH variable in the makefile, make still complained that it couldn't find the Qt 4.0.0 include files (why not?), so I just copied them into the directory containing the Accordian source files. That worked, but then it couldn't find the necessary Qt 4.0.0 libraries (as evidenced by hundreds of reference to undefined symbol errors), even when I tried adding the path the the libraries to the LIBS variable in the makefile and to PATH, and when I tried -llibname in the LIBS variable, or when I copied the libraries into the program source directory. Therefore I ran g++ manually on the Accordian object files and libQtCore.so.4.0.0 and libQtGui.so.4.0.0, and it linked perfectly fine.

Given all that, its not suprising that the program didn't run, but I'd like to know why and what I can do to correct it (and why it is listed as type application/x-zerosize when its size isn't zero). Thanks for any help.