Hey guys, I'm currently working on my uni project and thats to write a driver and software to use a usb tv card adapter. Unfortunately my project coordinator isn't responding to my emails and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions.

I've been onto the web and there are no drivers for my device. I have used windows and a usb snoop to collect the stream that is sent between the driver and the device and it's odd. When I plug the device in the driver see's it's there sends some data (which I can't understand as it's in hex) and then after about 500 send/receives it stops even if I then view a channel or do a scan.

I think (and this is a huge guess here) that once the driver sets up the card to work in sync with the computer the program from the supplier takes over.

Anyway I was wondering if you guys could possibly point me in the right direction. I'm planning to write the software in C++ with wxWidgets. I'm also planning to write the driver in C.

Thanks for your help guys.