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    Yeah I agree, I definately need to download it. I'm unable to download though at the minute and wont be able to until Monday of next week.

    I aren't sure if I understand what you mean by "conjunction".

    So right now I have:

    mv *.txt TxtFiles
    ls > TxtFilesMoved

    So the directory it's wanting to list is TxtFiles I think I called it.

    Should this therefore work do you think? :

    mv *.txt TxtFiles
    ls TxtFiles > TxtFilesMoved

    I think that'd work.

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    Alright, thanks A LOT for the help. Hopefully I wont be bothering you anymore from now on.

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    Incidentally, if you've only got a single file to count the lines of you don't need to use cat:
    cat Files | wc -l
    can be more efficiently coded as:
    wc -l <Files
    Using the input stream redirector stops wc from knowing the filename, so it just outputs the count.

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