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    Best distro for development

    Hi all,

    I've tried several distros of Linux (and also FreeBSD) in the past, like Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Gentoo ...

    Well, but I don't use any of them for about 1 year ...

    But now I would like to do some development in C++ and also in JAVA, and I'm looking for a distro that is easy to install and configure all the tools I might need for my work.

    So, I'm searching for suggestions from you...

    But please mind you, I'm searching for a system to serve me, not for a system for me to serve ... I don't want to spend all my time with heavy configuration, a bit of common sense from the developers putting normal options in the configuration of the packages would be a nice thing for me ... then I just change some stuff to suit my special needs.

    So, summarising, I'm looking for a distro that:
    1 - Has a nice package management tool that allows me to install any program I need to development without much fuzzing.
    2 - Doesn't need me to go trough heavy configuration everytime I install something, although I would like the opportunity of altering things in /etc without breaking anything just because I've changed some line or putted an extra blank line somewhere.

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    Linux Guru bryansmith's Avatar
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    I would say Suse. It is incredibly easy to setup and maintain while at the same time it probably has everything you are looking for.

    Also, check here:

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Also Fedora Core would suit your needs just fine.
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    I'm going to have to say that Gentoo is the best option in my book:
    The install might take you a bit of time, but it's well worth it, and you'll have the wonderful Gentoo documentation by your side the whole way.

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    I would say Gentoo as well, as you can customize it as much as you want, and also have TONS of development tools with you in several states of stability.

    If Gentoo is not an option (as you said), I'd go SuSE, probably. Very easy install and very easy to use. gcc and make are not installed by default, but they are easily put in through YaST.

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    Fedora Core 4's the only distro I know of that comes with GNU Java, so Fedora.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a thing
    Fedora Core 4's the only distro I know of that comes with GNU Java, so Fedora.
    GNU Java is not a good choice as a Java development env. It's performance is awful in contrast with Sun J2SDK.

    I personally use FC4. But I've installed J2SDK 1.5 on it and I use that instead of the GNU Java.

    If you want a easily changable system which has almost everything you need SuSE can do it.
    But ... I personally don't like it ...

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    Any distro with a decent package manager and decent repository would be fine; really this is just a matter of taste.
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    I heard Zenwalk comes with quite a few dev tools

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