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    Thanks icedtea

    I searched with whereis for xorgconfig but it cannot locate the file.
    Does that mean that i have to install it from somewhere first?
    and would you be kind to tell me how do i boot my system to runlevel 3.

    Many thanks

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    hmmm wats ur distro? are u also using LILO? ( if u r using windows and linux OS) i switched run level 3 with LILO.. NOW if u dont have LILO ( meaning u are running only 1 OS) hmm i think u should change first ur inittab - AND THAT , M NOT FAMILIAR.. m just like you.. ask the guys who replied to my posts above.. they are certified expert regarding LINUX.. they will be a great help.. to YOU,, ( and ME of course )

    if ur box starts with the X - meaning u r running level 4 (for X sessions)

    check this:

    Runlevel 0 = System Halt
    Runlevel 1 = Single user mode, mostly used for maintenance
    Runlevel 2 = Unused
    Runlevel 3 = Multiuser with console login
    Runlevel 4 = Multiuser with an X11 session manager (XDM, GDM, KDM)
    Runlevel 5 = Unused
    Runlevel 6 = Reboot

    x-cess :

    hmm can u paste the results of ur whereis in xorgconfig? - m sori but i cnt help u much bout runlevels
    P4 1.8, 1G DDR ram, 64mb GF2 MX400, 80G WD and 40G Maxtor, ECS mobo. Playing XP,Slack 12.0 and Vector Linux 5.8 GOLD, STD 6.0 Zenwalk 4.6.1, OpenBSD 3.9

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    yeh i think i can only use runlevel 3 at the moment because i am trying to configure my x but unsucssessful yet.

    when i type #whereis xorgconfig i get in the next line

    and i think that mean it couldn't find it

    i am using slackware by the way

    when i go startx it shouts down my computer


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