<item type="pixmap" id="caps-lock-warning">
		<normal file="error.png"/>
		<pos anchor="c" x="50%" y="55%" width="400" height="70"/>
		<item type="rect" id="caps-lock-warning">
			<pos anchor="c" x="50%" y="50%" width="box" height="box"/>
			<box orientation="vertical" min-width="400" xpadding="10" ypadding="5" spacing="0">
				<item type="label">
					<normal color="#FFFFFF" font="Sans 12"/>
					<pos x="50%" anchor="n"/>
					<stock type="caps-lock-warning"/>
i was looking at KDM themes and saw the XML files. for example, in the code above, the 'caps-lock-warning' shows up when you have caps lock on and the XML code above just basically formats the caps lock warning.

I'm just wondering, what calls these XML files for KDM themes and how do they associate themselves with the name 'caps-lock-warning' and not any other name/id, and also is it possible to change what the 'caps-lock-warning' says or any other label for that matter. i'm not specifically bent on the discussion of the 'caps-lock-warning'. im just using that as an example of how the whole KDM theming works. I looked at the KDM handbook on the website, but they didn't mention much into the whole XML thing. any info is appreciated. thanks!