We have used an old printer connected to an oscilloscope via a paralell port, but the printer has died recently. I thought it could be easy to connect my notebook to the oscilloscope, and run a program on it, which emulates a printer towards the oscilloscope, and simply dumps all data into a file, which I could print later in my office, or insert into other documents, etc.
I have 2 questions:

1 - Do the old paralell printers talk a more or less general protocol?
I don't remember that the oscilloscope had to be configured to use this specific HP printer, and I don't think that it only works with this printer, so there must be some general protocol.

2 - Does anybody know about good sources of info for this question? I could only find topics on writing a printer driver, which is the reverse process. I would like to implement the other side (the printer's side) of the communication.

Thank you