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Thread: trouble in awk

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    trouble in awk

    if i get some output as a "" seperated words how shud i extract say the 3 column of the file .. if i use awk how shud i use the OFS to specify "" as the seperator...

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    gawk -F"\"\"" '{print $3}' input_file.txt

    should give you the third column of a file using two double quotes as a field delimiter.

    gawk -F, -v OFS="\"\"" '{print $1,$2,$3}' input_file2.txt

    should print first three columns of a file whose text is seperated by commas, output will be seperated by two double quotes.

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    How can we do it with one "?
    less adrian-rhymes.html | grep '<a href=' |grep  '' | awk 'BEGIN { FS ="\"\"" } ; { print $2 }'

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