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    linux - 6 mplayer - jumpy video problem

    We are using Suse 9.0, and we are trying to run 6 mplayer at the same time(in a c program).Five of them using audio channels and the 6. one is showing video file.The 5 audio chanel is OK, but the video is not fluend.We think that the problem is not result from the hardware becouse there isnt any efficiency problem in fedora.Our hardware is powerfull enough.

    In Fedore there isnt any speed or fluend problem.we can get a full screen, fluend view.

    We have to use Suse instead of fedora, becouse there is also different problems in fedora which is solved automaticaly in Suse.

    İf anyone can help, we will be very pleased.


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    The problem is surely performance. Not because hardware is too slow, but because you're reading 6 input streams at the same time. Probably your video has about 1 MB/s byte stream, while audio about 180 kB/s.

    The total bandwidth is ok, because disks are capable of streaming 30-50 MB/s. But this speed is related to a unique sequetial file access, not 6!
    The problem reside in the I/O seeks: the disk should seek the correct block for each time you are reading one file (audio or video). Seeking 5 audio files and 1 video file is too much!

    You can try: play video and audios for 10/20 secods. Make sure you have enought RAM to keep it in the filesystem cache. Play it again: if there is a speed up it mean what I said is correct (because input stream are not accessed again on the disk, but from memory because the cache).

    If not... good luck! Probably there is some parameter for adjusting read-ahead and caching mechanisms. Check the manual page for incresing read-ahead (wich is usefull to do big read operations instead more little read operations).
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