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Thread: java on linux

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    java on linux

    Is there a java compiler that comes with linux? If not, any recommendations for one?

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    Well, there is the free one, or else you could always install the one from Sun Microsystem (personnaly I use their JDK):

    ...and I choose "Download JDK 5.0 Update 6"

    I'm on Debian, so I download the .bin and transform it into a .deb with make-jpkg.

    You are on Fedora, so I guess you could directly download the .rpm.
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    You have several options for running Java on Linux.

    The one I will recommend is the official, Sun-developed Java. It comes as an RPM (if you use RPMs), or as an executable file that will install Java for you. This is, in fact, Java, and works flawlessly. You can find it at the Java Sun site:

    Download the JDK if you wish to develop Java applications, otherwise, the JRE is fine.

    That said, the other main option is if you have a major problem with using non-free software. GNU puts out their gcj compiler, which is the GNU Java Compiler. It is NOT full Java, and many parts of Java may not work, ESPECIALLY GUIs. However, it is an option.

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    You have the gcj (java compiler) for compiling java programs. But it is not the recommended way to compile java programs. gcj produces executable file directly. The correct way to execute java programs is to compile the program to produce java bytecodes and then interpret it. So jsdk from sun is the best. You can download it from

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    Re: java on linux

    Quote Originally Posted by sunny22
    Is there a java compiler that comes with linux? If not, any recommendations for one?
    I'm developing Java programs in Linux Platform
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