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    Stupid Question

    Can C++ programming be used in linux?
    I know this may seem a stupid question but I need to know. I don't even have Linux yet but I hope to get it soon. What is the purpose of PHP and MySQL can someone give me a brife discrition.

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    Yes, C++ can. Depending on what distro you use, the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) may or may not be installed by default, but it is very easily obtainable.

    As far as PHP and MySQL:

    PHP is a serverside-interpreted Internet language used for creating dynamic webpages: that is, webpages that can change their content. MySQL is a type of database. Because PHP can access MySQL databases, you often see these two together. In fact, there is a setup called LAMP:


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    $ g++ foo.cpp -o foo
    $ ./foo

    the g++ executable came with my distro, so I just use that one.
    PHP and MySQL go hand in hand. PHP is a programming language that is interpretted by a web server to spit out dynamic HTML. MySQL is simply a database that you can utilize to work with PHP.

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