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Thread: perl script

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    perl script

    im try to make a perl script but when i save it, its save as i know im running perl cause i did a perl -v in the command line. can some one tell me what im going wrong

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    ok well i did a perl script this is what i use in the first line
    and got an error
    this is the error
    Unrecognized character \x03 at line 1.
    can some one the me whats going on, on line 1.

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    You really shouldn't use to write source code, is like word not notepad. You should use an app like emacs, vim, nano or kate - an other benefit is that emacs and vim got syntax highligthing for among others perl.
    The reason why perl cant run the .sxw is that it's an open office document, not plain text file, and it appends the .sxw suffix because that checkbox was selected when you saved the file. You can use OOo to write source code, but I strongly discourage you from it - it's wasn't written to handle source code in the first place and really isn't any good at handling source code, but if you insist on using OOo, select plain text in the dropdown when you save the file ("Save As") and untick the checkbox that says something like 'append suffix' or so.
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    The real problem here, actually, is that OpenOffice saves in a rich text format by default. For example, the " symbol is different in OpenOffice than in a plain text editor, because it is NOT, in fact, the " symbol, but rather a nicer-looking one.

    You can write source code in OpenOffice, but be sure to save it as a plain text document.

    But yes, it is preferred to use a text editor such as vi, Emacs, Kate (KDE), or gedit (Gnome).

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