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    Calling all programmers

    For all you programmers out in the Linux community which distro do you use?

    Right now I just installed FC4 and I want to see what other distros are good for programming.

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    Personally I don't think that there is any distro that is better than any other for programming. In most distros you can install (or is installed by default) tools you need for your specific programming language like a linker, compiler and so on.
    Most distros even contain a IDE for C/C++ and/or Java on the install CDs or among the packages.

    Edit: I use OpenBSD, but I didn't choose it because it's programming abilities.

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    Just about any Linux distribution that includes the appropriate compilers (gcc, g++, gcj) is good for programming. The only major distribution I can think of that doesn't have this is Ubuntu. Every other distro on the Distrowatch Top Ten should work just fine.
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    its worth noting that Debian's package naming system is pretty good at syncing up with pkg-config (ie, you can't find a dep, it should be easy on debian) but debian's python support is odd, sketchy and outdated, so not a great choice there.
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