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    Bash scripts do not echo commands

    I have a bash script named ztest that looks like this:

    ls -lat


    On server A it works fine, and I get a directory listing.

    On server B I get nothing. As though the script did not execute!

    However, I modified the script:

    ls -lat $1 >zresult


    When I execute the following:
    #cat zresult

    I see the directory.
    And if I execute the following:
    #./ztest /etc/init.d/
    #cat zresult

    I see the /etc/init.d/ directory.
    Bottom line: The bash script is executing.
    But I am not getting/seeing any output from the script.
    I have tried echo commands, >stdout, etc. but no such luck!

    I am ssh'd into the server using PuTTY.
    But I have no idea if this is a system configuration issue? A PuTTY issue? Some other issue?

    Any ideas?
    Sean McCoy

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    What if you put an obviously invalid command, like `jifds' in the script? Do you then get the diagnostic message saying that it didn't find jifds?

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