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    Lightbulb Program Design Poll

    I just wanted to start a poll to see what everyone's different tastes are.
    Let's say your coding in a 'non-scripting' language like C/C++. The program requirements state that you must code a Ping procedure to ping hosts on a network. Would you go out of your way and code this function using raw sockets? or would you just simply execute the 'ping' command line tool, and pass it arguments?

    Which approach would you take?
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    I'm not sure exactly what the program is supposed to do, but I would imagine a shell script would be the easiest way to go.

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    That, of course, depends on the circumstances. To begin with, if the program is supposed to run as a normal user, there's no other choice but to call the ping program as a child process, since its SUID privileges are necessary.

    Even if the program is running as root, there are a multitude of circumstances which can sway the decision one way or another, like the I/O model of the program, its purpose, the flexibility it requires with regards to pinging, consistency with existing code, etc. It's very hard to tell.

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