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    i want to make use of the open source?

    i want to make a program about filesystem..
    i want to make use of open source libararies of filesystem in linux..
    where can i find such kind of libararies in linux..ihave linux mandrake10.0 installed...
    i want to know more about the standardization of ext2 and ext3 ...
    i mean in the programming level..
    can anyone help me at that?

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    Sorry, but I really have no idea what you mean. Would you mind clarifying your request a bit?

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    i want to make a c code which understand teh ext2 filesystem of save files to it and read from it...
    the file system must have some kind of explantion to tell a programmer some this is the start of hard disk..this is how i save data to hard disk...and things like that..
    there must be documantion for teh filesytem..
    i have searched and found some documantations, but it is not i think i have to read a code of written programs playing with filesystem directly...
    my question is where can i find something lke that in linux...where is the source codes of the programs which play with the file system?

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    I see, that made much more sense.

    The code for the ext2 filesystem can be found in the fs/ext2 directory in your kernel source tree. Naturally, you have to have a kernel source tree unpacked somewhere -- you distribution should provide it under /usr/src/linux, but if it's not there, you can just grab the latest version from

    The `entry point' of the ext2 filesystem code is in fs/ext2/super.c. The init_ext2_fs function registers the filesystem in the kernel with the ext2_fs_type structure, which informs the kernel that it should call the ext2_get_sb (`sb' stands for `superblock' -- the filesystem `header') function whenever someone wants to mount an ext2 filesystem. I trust you can take it from there.

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    thabks very much , u have gave me exactly what i need.

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