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    Newbie scripting - file extensions..

    Hi There Guru's!

    I am writing a simple script to move application program files between a live and test environment. Each file can have either a .i extension, or a .p and a .r (source and x-coded). The x-coded file goes to a directory which starts with the same two letters, thus:


    Source Name = apvomt.p
    Compile Name = apvotmp.r

    I have managed to create the script which moves the files, provided they are a .p extension, but I now need to check if the extension is a .i

    How do I just pick up the last 2 characters of the filename - can I use CUT, or is there another way?

    Many thanks


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    Provided you're using bash and not some other shell, there's a syntax for cutting in variables (maybe other shells can do it as well, but I haven't tried, so I don't know how compatible it is). It looks like this:
    echo "$ext"       # This will echo "foo"

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    moeh :?
    Either i don't get what yout getting at or you could yield:
    mv *.i ./some_dir_down/

    the ./ means 'relative from the current dir'

    You could also do:
    mv *.i ../some_dir_next_to/
    to move them to the dir next to the current one.

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    Use case:
    case $file in
       *.i)    # code for the .i files
               # blah
               # blah
        *.p)  # code for the .p files
               # blah
               # blah
    ...etc ...

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    more info on writing proper scripts: (like scm's) ~>

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