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    What C++ compiler runs on Linux

    I am thinking of buying Mandrake Linux but i also want to put Kazaa on it as well as program with C++. I like Bloodshed's Dev-C++ programmer and was wondering if that one workds on Linux. If not is there any free really good programers that work on Linux.

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    Well, I don't really think that you have to worry about that, since all Linux distributions ship with the best compiler in the world, GCC. Just remember to install it, since it doesn't install by default.

    I think that what you're looking for is a development environment. Technically, that's no problem either, since all Linux distributions come with both emacs and vi (and pico, gedit, nano, joe, ad infinitum). Those two are really good. Personally, I really prefer emacs (see here) over vi, but that's really mostly about taste. The thing is, that these don't really quite work like the Windoze programs that you might be used to. If you give them an honest chance, though, I have no doubt that you too will find them completely superior.

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