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    downloading a whole website that is running a cgi & mysq

    Hello guys

    Is it possible to use wget or anything else to download a website that make use of mysql, i am not interesting about the cgi code, i just need the results of the database which is mysql.
    An example website that i want to download is (probably it make use of a content management system based on Perl)

    Thanks in advance

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    you want a copy of the database?

    No, its not possible without having direct access to the mysql server.


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    wget might get a copy of the web pages as they appear now. However, not only will it not get the database, it won't get the cgi code either. The point of dynamic websites is that what they deliver is plain HTML, so you don't need to intepret any code or database.

    The only way you will see the database is to get in touch with the database administrator.

    If you wanted to see the code that runs it, you could check what kind of system it is running and then download a copy of it. Quite a few of these cgi + database content management systems release their code.

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