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    Making a "fakeshell"

    Hi guys!I really need your help!i want to make something like a fake shell.this shell will have these two commands:
    1)ls , ls -l ,ls -a ,ls -i (generally ls)
    2)grep ,grep -i ,grep -v (generally grep)
    i want these commands to have the same behaviour as used in linux.the program will be written in c(i mean ls.c or grep.c).can u write me some kind of code to use in order to have these 2 commands as they are represented above work?
    any suggestion welcomed!

    (you can use pipes or system calls in order to get the code work)

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    I dont think you fully understand what you are trying to acheive...

    When you figure it out, come back and ask your question again.

    Please note, we are not here to help you crack your school network. Cheers.

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    I'd think using system calls to achieve those things are the easy way out. Back when I was writing code for my system programming course, I wasn't allowed to use that stuff.

    If I were you, I'd first attempt to write some kind of code first than post it here using the "code" tags.
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