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    Looking for PHP-IDE

    As a spoiled windows-user, editing my php-scripts using UltraEdit for ages now, I'm desperately lost with scripting IDEs available for linux.

    Does anybody happen to know about an IDE the comes close to UltraEdit respecting speed, code-highlighting and special features like "search in files", "replace in files" etc.

    Any recommendation welcomed...

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    Google shall become your friend... "PHP IDE linux" gave me a gazillion hits

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    Yes, that's the reply I was asking for, thank you very much indeed

    I think, it's much more valuable to get advice from people already experiencing the program and being able to judge the features from practice... but okay, I'll ask a bot...

    Sorry for that crude reply, but I can't stand these replies any longer...

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    You have anjuta, that is a very good IDE which you can find at

    VIM also support PHP, just use the :syntax on, or you can use Emacs or xEmacs.

    If you wan't something commercial, you also have that php editing stdio from Zend.

    Good luck

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