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    how to register signal handler for thread?

    i want my thread to take action upon some signal arrival, but i do NOT want my thread block calling sigwait() or something similar else, any hint?

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    Hi ,

    I guess the main thread's attributes or resources like file descriptors,page table,
    Address space and signal hadlers are shared by the thread's in that group,

    Hence by registering the signal handlers in the main thread will also affect the thread's created in that group.

    I will confirm it once i verify it....

    -- rajesh

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    pthread_sigmask allows you to set a singal mask on a per-thread basis.


    Each thread has it's own signal mask. But the signal disposition is shared by all threads in the process. This translates to -

    1. threads can block specific signals

    2. when one thread changes the action of a signal ALL threads share the new action .

    Dunno if that's what you want or not.

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    what i want is: for a given signal, say signo , each thread has it own handler for signo, and the handlers may be different.
    does it possible?

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