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    Compiling for a SPARC processor on an x86

    I run Gentoo Linux on an x86 at home, and I use OpenBox. However, at school, I use Solaris 9, and my choices are currently limited to Window Maker, XFCE, and CDE, none of which I'm too fond of. I'd like to run OpenBox at school as well, but I have a 100MB disk quota; not enough for all the dependencies I need to compile OpenBox. So, what I'm asking is...can I compile a SPARC binary on my x86 machine so I can transfer it to my school account and use OpenBox there?

    Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks!
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    The way to do this is called a cross compiler. I found a number of HOWTOs to do it, but most of these are for RPM-based distros, and aren't very clear.

    The Gentoo Wiki proposes this:

    Different ARCH: `emerge '>=crossdev-0.9'` and then run `crossdev --help`

    Best of luck!

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