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    Porting Turbo C graphics code into Linux

    Hello all!

    I was just wondering if any of you'll had any ideas as to how I could go about porting a Turbo C code (which basically displays a robot arm) into Linux (Debian). I'm new to Linux and am not very good at programming and hence am struggling to find a solution to this...However, this has to be done as a part of my project and any help that you'll could give me would be highly appreciated...

    I know that this involves something like using conversion libraries and rewritting the code but I'm very vague when it comes to the fine points of actually doing this.


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    so what's your turbo c code?

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    it happens. When i was a M$ user i was used to program in turbo C. the things that i missed more when i came to the ANSI C path was the conio.h functions like getch(), gotoxy(), etc. and the library to draw windows. Then i found ncurses and i fall in love again. That if you wanna rewrite your applications. But if you want to use the same functions, there is a linux port of conio.h but it doesn't work very well.

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    Hey guys...

    Have made a bit of progress since my last post...Found some conversion libraries on the net and am using these to try and port/run my code in Linux...Things are not going too badly, but I've still got two errors that are giving me grief...

    Problem #1:

    I've got this declaration:
    int graphdriver=DETECT, graphmode=0;

    in my original program...The only other place this is used in the code is under main() as
    initgraph(&graphdriver, &graphmode,"");

    My error message says "'DETECT' undeclared here (not in a function)

    Problem #2:

    void drawsquare (struct pts *sqr, int col){

    fillpoly(4,(int far *)screensq);} is a function in the program that was given to me.
    Can't really see where else in the code far is used/has been declared or not...

    Error says "Syntax error before "far"".

    Any ideas as to how these could be resolved?

    Thanks heaps!

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