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    sbrk() ..? what's the problem ?

    Can any one explain what's the problem of the follwing simple program? Actually, this program seems to work well in RedHat7 (gcc 3.X.X), but not in my Debian (gcc 4.0.X).
    I would like to know about the memory consumption of some program.
    Thank a lot.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <unistd.h>

    void main(){

    int i;
    int size = 1000;
    int before, after;
    int msize;
    char *c;

    before = (int)sbrk(0)/1024;

    c = (char *)malloc(size * sizeof(char));
    for (i = 0; i < size; i++)
    c[i] = 'a';

    after = (int)sbrk(0)/1024;

    msize = after - before;
    printf("after-before = %d\n", msize);


    after-before = 0


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    try getusage, it's meant for this kind of task.
    /* this is the rsuage struct, linux supprts most of this */
    struct  rusage {
            struct timeval ru_utime;        /o user time used o/
            struct timeval ru_stime;        /o system time used o/
                                            /o actual values kept in proc struct o/
            long    ru_maxrss;              /o maximum resident working set size o/
            long    ru_ixrss;               /o integral shared memory size o/
            long    ru_idrss;               /o integral unshared data  o/
            long    ru_isrss;               /o integral unshared stack  o/
            long    ru_minflt;              /o page reclaims o/
            long    ru_majflt;              /o page faults o/
            long    ru_nswap;               /o swaps o/
            long    ru_inblock;             /o block input operations o/
            long    ru_oublock;             /o block output operations o/
            long    ru_ioch;                /o # of characters read/written o/
            long    ru_msgsnd;              /o messages sent o/
            long    ru_msgrcv;              /o messages received o/
            long    ru_nsignals;            /o signals received o/
            long    ru_nvcsw;               /o voluntary context switches o/
            long    ru_nivcsw;              /o involuntary  o/
    }; */
    #include <sys/resource.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define ok(x) \
    if( (x)==-1) {perror(""); exit(EXIT_FAILURE);}
    #define not_NULL(x) \
    if( (x)==NULL) {perror(""); exit(EXIT_FAILURE);}
    int main()
        struct rusage before, after;
        char *buf=NULL;
        not_NULL(buf=malloc(1000000) );
        printf("maximum resident working set size  before    %d,  after    %d\n",before.ru_maxrss, after.ru_maxrss );
        printf("integral shared memory size        before    %d,  after    %d\n",before.ru_ixrss , after.ru_ixrss  );
        printf("integral unshared data             before    %d,  after    %d\n",before.ru_idrss , after.ru_idrss  );
        printf("integral unshared stack            before    %d,  after    %d\n",before.ru_isrss , after.ru_isrss  );
    	return 0;

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