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Thread: PHP IDEs

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    Smile PHP IDEs

    I am looking at the Zend Professional IDE to do PHP programming in.

    I have looked at another IDE, called VS.PHP which can be found at
    which uses the VS.NET IDE and plugs PHP into it. I do a lot of .NET programming and have thought about going this route as well.

    I haven't really heard of other IDEs for PHP, but thought I would ask here if others have a preference for some other IDE other than the Zend one when it comes to PHP programming?


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    I personally don't PHP programming, but Bluefish (which I use for HTML) has a number of PHP features. You might take a look at it just to see if it satisfies your needs, as it is a free program.

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    Thanks for the posting, I was not aware of Bluefish before and I will look into it a bit before making any final decision

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    I do PHP development as my "day job" and have tried several PHP editors. I won Zend Studio in a contest for some PHP scripts I've written, and can honestly say that it is amazing. Being able to work on remote files via FTP, being able to administer any of a number of remote MySQL/Postresql databases, great sytax highlighting, 1-click PHP manual, and a slew of other features makes it pretty hard to beat. It is the only piece of software I use that is not open source. I absolutely love it.

    However, if I hadn't won it, I wouldn't be using it as it's not cheap. I used bluefish and phpEdit which are both free. I found them a bit "quirky" with very minor bugs that were irritating to me. However, they are likely to be worked out by now as this was over a year ago. What I ended up using is just good ol' Gedit.

    You may also be interested in CSSed, a CSS editor and NVU, a WYSIWYG HTML editor. I use NVU for very basic stuff sometimes but typically hand-code everything in Zend Studio or Gedit.

    Good luck.

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    Eclipse IDE + PHPclipse plugin is an almost unbeatable combo
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    Thanks to both MicahCarrick and Kode for your insightful and informative posts.

    Yes, I have been seriously considering the Zend Professional Studio edition as the one to opt for in development work. While the price of it may seem expensive in comparison to Open Source alternatives, it is not as pricy as the cost I had to pay for my VS.NET development environment for my MS based development work.

    Before committing to the purchase though I may look into Eclipse. I'm pretty much already sold on Zend though because I have been working with their trial version and have been fully enjoying it.

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