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    how to program in C++ in linux

    Hi, i have fedora core 4, and starting to learn C++.
    To program in perl on linux, you would ----> " perl "
    How do you program in C++ on linux?

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    Righto. Let's say that you have your source saved in hello.cpp.

    g++ -Wall -o hello hello.cpp
    Allow me to explain:

    g++ - Invoke the GNU C++ Compiler
    -Wall - Enable all warnings
    -o hello - Name the outputted binary "hello" (if -o is not given, the binary is called a.out)
    hello.cpp - The file to compile

    So in this case, we have called the binary "hello", and so can execute the program via:
    assuming that you are currently in the same directory as the binary.

    Hope that helps!


    Let it be noted that there is a difference between how Perl and C++ run. Perl, you write your source and just run it: it is compiled and executed automatically. In C++, the source and program are different files: you must manually compile the program (using g++) before you can run it.

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    If you want to write programs with multiple source files, or programs with complex compile options, or programs you plan on distributing in source form, it's a good idea to use make.

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    thanx for that, now after the compile, how do you run the program?
    i tried " ./hello.cpp "
    ************************************************** *******************
    /home/max/hello.cpp: line 3: using: command not found
    /home/max/hello.cpp: line 5: syntax error near unexpected token `('
    /home/max/hello.cpp: line 5; `int main(void)`
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******

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    what you did with that last command was to try and run the file which contains the source code and not the executable.

    I suggest you read through Cabhan's post again.

    hint:: note how he runs the program with ./hello i.e. the executable and not the source code.
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    When you compile a program, do you need to be in root??

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    Quote Originally Posted by southpaw
    When you compile a program, do you need to be in root??
    No, you do not.
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