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    Glade and C, how?!!


    I have a load of C code that I want to build front ends for. I started mucking around with glade and it seems like it will do what I want it to. I can bring boxes up with buttons and stuff on but this is about the point where I get lost

    Soooo, When you build a glade application it makes a load of .c and .h files in a dirrectorry called src or something. If I add code to main.c (which it says to do), such as:-


    this works, but there is nothing in the main.c about any of the buttons etc, these are all in interface.c. I want to run functions when buttons are clicked, how will I go about doing this?



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    I have a tutorial here:

    Basically, when you use Glade, you have 2 choices. 1 is to (as you have discovered) generate c code, namely main.c and callbacks.c/h. This C code uses the GTK+ libraries. So glade is esentially a "shortcut" to the GUI side of using the GTK+ libraries. The second way, which is the current "proper" (by proper I mean the convetion that is used and promoted by people in the "industry") is to use libglade. libglade is a C library which rather parses the XML file that Glade generates to build the interface from at run-time. The advantage being separation from GUI and the program as well as not having to worry about what glade generates. I prefer this method and find it very conveneint.

    The link I pasted above has a tutorial on libglade/C/GTK+, but additionally, there are a couple of dialog box examples which may help you see some VERY basic GTK+ window/button examples.

    Good luck,

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