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    Sending data to forms via php

    I have a script that sends data from 1 form via post to a second for verifacation, if correct I need to send the text file name that was created to my 3rd script for mailing, the file name is randomy created for example "67220060324110628PST.txt" How can I pass this informatipon the the 3rd php script?


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    you couldd put this in in 2 ways, either with a form, using a hidden input:

    <input type="hidden" name="filename" value="$filename">

    where $filename is previously calculated to be (as per your example): 67220060324110628PST.txt

    Then use the $_POST['filename'] variable to access this..

    Otherwise, you could use the GET method, such as linking to:


    and use $_GET['filename'] to get this
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