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    creating custom tar

    Thank you in advance for any response to this question!

    I was looking for a good resource on creating your own tar program. It would be a simpler kind, the only flags I would use would be x, v, f, and c. Some direction as to how I could move directories into a single tar file, and general things like that would be awesome. Thanks again!

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    Do you mean you want to write a c program that does the same thing as tar or that you're a bit confused as how to use it, that is, tar a directory. To tar a directory into a single tar, if the directory was named foo it would be (assuming you wished to compress it into a bz2 file
    tar -jcf foo.tar.bz2 foo
    If you didn't wish to compress it, you'd leave out the -j option, if you wished to gzip instead of bzip2 it, you'd change the -j to a -z

    However, I have the feeling that I'm misunderstanding your question, and if so, I apologize for wasting your time.

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    I do know how to use tar, I just want to know how to make my own with a simpler overall feel (i.e. no compressing). Thanks, though!

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    Download the source and hack it.
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