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    Ksh script problems


    I'm trying to migrate some scripts from our old Solaris box to a new Linux box running Red Hat.

    I'm getting some weird problems. For example:

    >. ./prod/scripts/html_creation.ksh
    : not foundscripts/html_creation.ksh[6]: date

    this is weird to me, because the script is something like

    I'm getting another strange error when I try to use the script with nohup:
    >nohup /prod/scripts/html_creation.ksh
    nohup: cannot run command `/prod/scripts/html_creation.ksh': No such file or directory

    Of course, using vi to open the file (directory path included) works fine.

    Since it's a new server, I'm sure some of the environment settings are off. Any pointers would be appreciated.


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    I've tried a couple of things:

    In my .profile, I've added the line

    This doesn't seem to help.

    What does help is if I take the files I've transfered from the UNIX machine and _re-write_ them. They won't run as is, but they will run if I start over from scratch - even copying from one vi window to another. This still doesn't solve the nohup problem.

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    Final Followup:

    I have to assume the problem with the scripts was from moving them from the other UNIX box - presumably there were some invisible characters after the first line that were causing problems or something (because I could copy the scripts from one terminal window to the other - and then they would work).

    As for the nohup, after I had ensured that the script, in it's entirety, without error from the perl script it called, worked, the nohup command seemed to function fine.


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