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    value of timeout in interruptible_sleep_on_timeout(&usbdriver->writewait, timeout)

    i found this function in some code: interruptible_sleep_on_timeout(&usbdriver->writewait, timeout) i am trying to find out what the unit is for timeout in this particular function... looking for it on google is a big headache. any ideas??

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    ok i found out its in jiffies... and apparantly jiffies are different for different OS? any idea what it might be in SuSE 9.3?

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    do you think it is possible that the value of a jiffy in the 2.6 kernel could be different from what it is defined as in the 2.4?

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    well you might be interested to know that in the 2.6 kernel a HZ is defined as 1000 jiffies as opposed to 100 in the 2.4 kernel just to make everyones lives a bit more complicated.

    sorry about the double posting.

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