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    Lightbulb C Books/Resources recommendations

    I'm interested in learning C, starting when school's out, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good book or other resource for me to start with. I've had some experience with other languages (HTML, JavaScript, PHP and some others), but I don't know where to start with something like C. Eventually I think I'd be interested in doing GTK stuff for GNOME.


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    I don't myself know C (currently learning C++), but I hear this site mentioned a lot:

    You might also check out The C Programming Language, which is the original C book. I've heard it said that the book is good, but again, I've not myself used it.

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    The program Dev Cpp (linky) has a good gui for programming in c and has a very good tutorial teaching you most aspects of the c language. i haven't tried it on linux, but it should work

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    I'd say get the K&R book on C, contains everything you need to know about C (well the vast majority of it).. It can be a bit daunting to understand for a new programmer, so IMO it is best used in conjunction with another book e.g. Schaums "Programming in C" or one of the O'Reilly ones.
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    i suppose i'd had a little head start in knowing about 2 lines of C++ and learning some pascal in college, but The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie isn't as hard as AlexK says. it's good because it's got a good in-depth explanation of stuff and gives you small programming tasks to do, without putting the answers in the back. i'm on chapter 2 right now
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    HowStuffWorks has quite a good step by step C tutorial, but either I was having a bad week or it doesn't explain pointers quite as well as is does the other sections.

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