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    got a dumb question since its slow in here right now

    whats the difference between doing these

    ./configure &&
    make &&
    make install


    ./configure; make; make install

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    The && and || keywords in the shell works just like they would in C, ie. ./configure && make && make install doesn't execute the rest of the commands if one fails. (eg. if make fails, it won't try and install). The basic function is that it executes the commands each in turn, waiting for each, and if one returns non-zero, the rest of the commands aren't executed, and the exit status of the entire expression is that of the command that returned non-zero. || does the opposite, ie. it goes on until one succeeds.

  3. #3 what does the ; between commands do?

    I assume it defaults to || by the subject of your posting?

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    not quite. &&, and || are what they call "short circuit" operators I believe. So if you try `ls || echo "hello"` it will not echo hello as long as ls didn't error out. the ';' just says "I don't care what happened on the last command, just execute this". Semantic differences, but still important.
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