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    Xlib hide mouse pointer

    how can i hide mouse pointer icon with Xlib programming? I'm doing some GUI stuff for touchscreen in Xlib and i just want to use mouse events but without pointer icon. How to do this? Is there any Xlib function to solve this?

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    Et voilą!

    Pixmap bm_no;
            Colormap cmap;
            Cursor no_ptr;
            XColor black, dummy;
            static char bm_no_data[] = {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0};
            assert(display != NULL);
            cmap = DefaultColormap(display, DefaultScreen(display));
            XAllocNamedColor(display, cmap, "black", &black, &dummy);
            bm_no = XCreateBitmapFromData(display, window, bm_no_data, 8, 8);
            no_ptr = XCreatePixmapCursor(display, bm_no, bm_no, &black, &black, 0, 0);
            XDefineCursor(display, window, no_ptr);
            XFreeCursor(display, no_ptr);
            if (bm_no != None)
                    XFreePixmap(display, bm_no);
            XFreeColors(display, cmap, &black.pixel, 1, 0);
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    Excellent idea! Thanks


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