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Hey guys, I am looking to get into game programming as I am going be trying to get into DigiPen here pretty quick. I have a few questions. 1. I ...
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    Can you answer a few questions? :p

    Hey guys, I am looking to get into game programming as I am going be trying to get into DigiPen here pretty quick. I have a few questions.

    1. I want to use a C based language, C or C++?

    2. Should I simply jump into source forge and find some way to participate?

    3. How forgiving are forgers to new programmers?

    4. I found a lot of old books, are those ok? And which ones? Could a survive without a book?

    I am well rounded programmer already, I have skills in:
    Ruby, Rails <3
    And all those web languages that don't matter, ie HTML :P

    Thanks for your assistance

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    yeah sf is the place to start just find a project that you would like to help out on.... and go from there
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    1.- I like C but it's up to you.

    2.- Yes, create an account, update your profile and send a message to the project leader / developers coordinator

    3.- It depends on the project but don't worry about that. Any help would be appreciated.

    4.- You can survive with on-line tutorials and books like advancedlinuxprogramming and similars.

    Best regards.

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    1) Very much up to you. C++ has OO facilities which may make it more appealing to a Java programmer, but C apparently produces cleaner code than C++. It's important to remember that almost all C code is valid C++ code: so learning C++ will automatically teach you a lot about C.

    2) Sure! Find some project that you use or think you can help with, and look at it, and find ways for improvement. Don't be shy: most devs would likely be glad of the help.

    3) This can depend: I've met some who are mean, and others who will do whatever they can to help. You'll just need to feel it out on your own.

    4) Old books are generally okay (as most languages are backwards compatible), but they may not introduce you to some of the newer features of the language. For example, a book on Java 1.2 will still teach you Java, but it won't include regexes, generics, enumerated types, or any of the newer stuff.

    I personally prefer books to online tutorials, but there are TONS of online resources. You certainly don't _need_ a book, but there are lots of good ones out there if you want one. I'm personally using "C++: How to Program" for C++, and "The C Programming Language" (the original C book) can't be ignored for C.

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    wow thank you all, that was just the kind of response I needed! I think I am going to go with C++(though cleaner code is always nice) because of what DigiPen uses, but thank you hopefully there are lots of game projects that use C++/


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