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    simple? shell script

    Im a fairly competent user of linux, but I have never really done any programming.

    I have this thing that I would like to automate, and I was wondering how hard it would be to do:

    1) go to website, fill in username & password fields
    2) submit (typical POST from the looks of it, "PKCS #1 SHA-1 With RSA Encryption" is the "Certificate Signature Algorithm" according to firefox, if that matters)
    3) download the webpage that you arrive it, perform some sort of hash function on it.
    4) if the page has changed from the programmed "default" hash function, tell me (preferably an email)

    basically, im constantly checking the status of something, and if anything on the page changes, then I know that a decision has been made.

    is this possible (well, i know it is, but is it easy enough for me to do?)

    thanks a lot

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    this may be more of a HTTP POST or wget question now, but here goes:

    i discovered that wget can do everything I am asking for, but heres the problem,
    when I do the following:
    wget --post-data "secUserID=[id]&secPassword=[pw]" 
    --sslprotocol=0 --cookies=off 
    --header "Cookie: %5FCookieCheck:1" [URL]
    the webpage i get says that I have been idle too long. any hints?

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    Start with a simple example and work your way up in complexity.
    Does it work for a site that's doesn't require passwords?
    Now what? You have Linux installed and running. The GUI is working fine, but you are getting tired of changing your desktop themes. You keep seeing this "terminal" thing. Don't worry, they'll show you what to do @
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    well, a site that doesnt require passwords wouldnt need to post anything. I have a chron job already that will download an html file every 15 minutes and md5 it

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