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    BASH & pipe reattachment


    Is it possible to start a process, and then switch its stdin between different inputs?

    What I want to do:

    cat somefile | someprog

    but: I don't want someprog to exit because cat has finished and closed the pipe, instead I want to reattach the stdin to someprog to, for example, the console so that the user may enter further data.

    Is that possible with bash? If yes, how?

    Thx in advance!

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    It is possible to split the output of a command in two ways (with tee command) but I'm not sure about a command can get sequentially the pipe data and then the keyboard data.

    Best regards

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    Forget about the sequential thing. How about having two inputs concurrently?

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    (command1; command2) | command3

    The output of command1 and command2 redirected to command3. The command1 is executed first, followed by command2.

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    How do I use that to start a shell interpreter like bash, pipe some first commands to it, and then give control to the user? It is not necessary that the user has no control at the beginning. I just want to "paste" some text into the bash interpreter without using the mouse and without bash exiting afterwards.

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    (cat somefile; /bin/bash ) | someprog
    Use Ctrl+D to stop the bash.

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    No, I meant that bash should be "someprog"...

    Is THAT possible?

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