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    telnet script help!!!

    ok so i want to be able to run telnet as such : telnet <ip> <port> and then when it hangs and says "escape character '^']." i want it to do a "get /http/1.0". creating a process in java isnt working cause its hanging waiting for user input before ending the process. then i tried to write a perl script and it does the same thing. i know there has to be a way to do this but am unsure how. any help would be much appreciated.

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    What is "/http/1.0"? Are you just referring to the http 1.0 protocol or is that a URI?
    Anyway, sounds like from your post that you are trying to telnet to a webserver and you want to automate it. If that is the case, then you are probably better off using an http client library in whatever scripting language that you use to implement the script.

    I'm not sure what the library for perl is, but here's how to do it in python:
    Change "hostname" to the name of the host you want to connect to.
    And change "index.html" to the URI that you are searching for.

    #!/usr/bin/env python
    import httplib
    conn = httplib.HTTPConnection&#40;"hostname"&#41;
    conn.request&#40;"GET", "/index.html"&#41;
    r = conn.getresponse&#40;&#41;
    print r.status, r.reason
    data =;&#41;
    print data

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    In bash, you can either use netcat, or do this:
    exec 3<>/dev/tcp/hostname/80
    cat >&3 <<EOF
    GET / HTTP/1.0
    Host&#58; hostname
    cat <&3
    exec 3<&-
    In any case, don't use telnet. It was never meant to be used like that.

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