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    [C] singly linked lists

    okay.. i know this should be easier to understand, but the book i'm learning C from isn't clear on some things..

    if a function returns a pointer to a linked list should it look like this:
    int *blah(int *);
    or am i understanding this wrong? what i want to do is pass the head pointer (not hard.. the (int *) should do the trick), add links, and then return to the calling function.. to return the head pointer, i would just return a single pointer, correct?

    the book uses typedefs in the examples, so it makes it a little harder to read the code for a noob... which means it's harder to understand.
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    If you want a function to return an element of the list, you should make it return the type of the list. I'm not sure exactly where you may have gotten it wrong, so I'll give this entire example which shows some functions of a theme that I use frequently:
    struct element
        struct element *next, *prev;
        char *name;
    struct element *list = NULL;
    struct element *newel(char *name)
        struct element *new;
        new = malloc(sizeof(*new));
        new->name = name;
        new->prev = NULL;
        new->next = list;
        if(list != NULL)
            list->prev = new;
        list = new;
    void freeelement(struct element *el)
        if(el->prev != NULL)
            el->prev->next = el->next;
        if(el->next != NULL)
            el->next->prev = el->prev;
        if(el == list)
            list = el->next
    struct element *findelement(char *name)
        struct element *cur;
        for(cur = list; cur != NULL; cur = cur->next)
            if(!strcmp(cur->name, name))

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