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    Right, i have a webserver at home, on my network, and i want a simple PHP/MySQL/HTML page that requires a login to get to the web pages stored on my server, i have phpMyAdmin on there, and someone could entirely screw up my coursework (I have to do an e-commerce website) if they got to the phpMyAdmin (which at the moment they can. But i need certain people from the net to be able to access certain areas. Is there a simple script to do this? I'm just beginning to do php at the moment, but not got that far yet!!

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    to make phpMyAdmin set up so that you can log in you will need to go into the config file which is go in there and there is a line that looks kind of like this:
    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_type']     = 'http';    // Authentication method (config, http or cookie based)?
    this is where you set up what kind of authentication you want to use. the default is none. i personally set mine up to http as you can see this is what i recommend personally. then to log into this you will jst use your root account that you set up with mysql. hope this helps

    edit: do you also what to make specified directories password protection. if so there is a configuration that you have to change in the httpd.conf file to allow this and then you have to set it up. sorry i really dont know how to set it up because i did it once thru webmin and dont know how to do it manually
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    Cool, that's all workin now! Wasn't too bothered about anything else, jus didn't want people being able to screw me over for my databases! I guess even if they did, and i was at uni, and i had a sql file, i could jus ssh me computer, then rebuild it!

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