i want to scan files before uploading the files to server from my php program
for that purpose i prefer clamav

just now i installed clamav through .rpm from rpmfind site
after installing this, i just make a test the installation, i am getting this

[root@program ~]# rpm -qa clamav
[root@program ~]# clamav -v
bash: clamav: command not found
[root@program ~]# clamav -version
bash: clamav: command not found
[root@program ~]#

installation is success or what ?

i visit all sites related to this, i got some coding, here its is

$db = clamav_open_db('/path/to/clamav/databases(s)');

if($malware = clamav_scan_file($db, 'file/to/scan'))
echo 'We have Malware: '.$malware;

i just installed clamav only, where i find this clamav database?
how can i scan the files? is there any other way?

could you ? Plz