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Thread: csh set var

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    csh set var

    hi all,
    Damm I am noob in scripting. i can;t find what i am doing wrong. please help me.

    if i execute script from a comand line
    vilmmi3:budintis > cat /home/tmp/sites | grep 500Ch
    B26; KaunoTelevizija-Kau-S-U-500[6]; 5 500Ch; 20492

    if i wrote a csh script called test:

    set dir = `cat /home/tmp/sites | grep 500Ch`
    echo $dir

    vilmmi3:budintis > test
    set: No match

    I want thet my script test will set B26; KaunoTelevizija-Kau-S-U-500[6]; 5 500Ch; 20492 to variable dir
    p.s sorry for stupid question, everyone have someday to begin.

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    I think there can be no spaces between the variable name, the "=", and the value:
    set dir=`cat /home/tmp/sites | grep 500Ch`
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    hmm i wrote set nonomatch in the script and it works. can someone explain what does set nonomatch do?

    set nonomatch
    set dir = `cat /home/tmp/sites | grep 500Ch`
    echo $dir

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    In a C-shell, it is O.K. to have spaces on left and/or right side of '='...

    From 'man csh':

                   If  set,  a Filename substitution or Directory stack substitution (q.v.) which does not match any existing files is left untouched rather
                   than causing an error.  It is still an error for the substitution to be malformed, e.g., `echo [' still gives an error.
    For more info, do a 'man csh' and search for the word 'nonomatch'...

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