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Thread: Sed problem

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    Red face Sed problem

    I am trying to place a word at the beginning of each line using sed. It doesn't work on lines with only one word. . Both of these commands to the same thing. They put global at the beginning of each line except empty and single-word lines. Please help.

    sed '/[^ ] /s/^[^ ]/global &/'g bla2
    sed '/[^^$] /s/^[^^$]/global &/'g bla2

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    sed 's/^/global/'

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    Hi, nc3b.
    I am trying to place a word at the beginning of each line using sed.
    As CodeRoot said:
     Contents of bla2:
         1  not blank$
         2  $
         3  previous line is empty$
         4   space at beginning$
         5    two spaces at beginning$
         6  ^Itab at beginning$
         7  word$
         8  two words$
         9  last line$
    Command is "sed 's/^/global /'"
    global not blank
    global previous line is empty
    global  space at beginning
    global   two spaces at beginning
    global  tab at beginning
    global word
    global two words
    global last line
    I used "global ", remove the space if you don't want it ... cheers, drl

    ( edit 1: extend example )
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    Thank you. I don't want to match empty lines so

    sed '/^$/!s/^/global/g' /path/to/filename
    sed '/[^ ]\{1,\}/ s/^/global /' /path/to/filename

    work for me. Again thank you.

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