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    How do i program in scheme w/ linux?!?!?

    Hi, i was wondering what i should do in order to programe in scheme. I am taking a computer science that requires it but i dont know how to set this up in linux. Any help would be greatly appreciated.............
    Thanks again,

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    You wouldn't happen to attend Northeastern University, do you? Our Fundamentals of CS course requires you to use Scheme...

    Anyway, a quick Google on "Linux scheme" finds:

    Basically, it seems that this is the GNU Scheme compiler. Using it seems a little convoluted, but the guide is at:

    In particular:

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    No i dont attend Northwestern.... i go to a small school in minnesota........

    - unfortunately, those links are for intel 32-bit machines.......... i have intel 64-bit........

    any ideas??
    thanks again,

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    Hi, neighbor.

    I also use 64-bit machines, but I usually use 32-bit OSs. Now that I think about it, I don't recall trying to mix 32-bit compiled stuff with 64-bit compiled stuff.

    However, our other neighbor, listed some information on such a subject for their SuSE OS boxes, which are a mixture of 32 and 64.

    Many people are using 64-bit hardware, but continue to use 32-bit OSs because they are more stable. The machine I am on now is an Athlon64. I most often use a 32-bit OS (Xandros), but I can also boot into 64-bit SuSE for a special project.

    So the question is, are you certain that the items mentioned by Cabhan (and, indeed, all 32-bit items) will not run on your machine? I'm always interested in learning new information, which we often acquire by questions as well as experimentation ... cheers, drl
    Quote Originally Posted by UofM Statisitcs

    When you run programs that come with the SuSE linux installed on the machine, they just work.

    Problems arise when you try to run a program compiled for one architecture on a different architecture. Your home directory and the directory in which R is installed are visible on all machines and can therefore contain code compiled on either architecture.

    The 64 bit machines have a hardware 32 bit emulation mode. So binaries and libraries compiled on 32 bit machines work on all machines.

    This does not work the other way around. Stuff compiled on 64 bit machines does not run on 32 bit machines.

    -- excerpted from:
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