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    backup script help

    I'm trying to make a backup script that will create a directory with the date and then copy the files to that new date directory and then create a tar file with the date. Here is what I'm after, but I don't know what code would be for date (I just put in %date% for example). Any help would be great. Thanks

    cd /backups/
    mkdir %date%
    cd /backups/%date%
    cp -r /home/www/* /backups/%date%
    tar -cvzf /backups/%date%.tar.gz /backups/%date%/

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    You probably want to capture the output of the 'date' command into a variable, and use it repeatedly. The 'date' command reports the time and date including seconds, so its output changes frequently, so its not just a convenience to call it once, but a necessity.

    You can change the format of the time and date reported by 'date' with command line flags.
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    There is so many threads on that subject, I'm sure you can find something interesting in one of them.

    Like this one for example :
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    Unless there is a reason (like rapidly changing data files), I wouldn't copy everything and then tar it, I would just tar it in place.

    For example, today this would create file /backups/www090806.tar.gz which backs up all files in /home/www.
    tar -cvzf /backups/www$(date +%m%d%y).tar.gz /home/www

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